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Gordon, Gary - Interior Lighting for Designers, ebook

Interior Lighting for Designers

Gordon, Gary


The Fifth Edition is more comprehensive than ever, with new information on LED, energy efficiency, and other current issues. In addition, it includes more information for drawing ceiling floor plans and the application of designs to specific types of interiors projects.

Kilmer, Rosemary - Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors, ebook

Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors

Kilmer, Rosemary


Students and designers studying for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) will especially appreciate these new materials. This revision also keeps pace with evolving construction standards and design conventions. Two new

Fleming, Rob - Space Planning Basics, ebook

Space Planning Basics

Fleming, Rob


This updated fourth edition includes digitized drawings, diagrams, and matrices throughout, and newly added supplemental photographs. The text has been revised to reflect the latest developments in sustainable and universal design, including coverage of daylighting,

Piotrowski, Christine M. - Designing Commercial Interiors, ebook

Designing Commercial Interiors

Piotrowski, Christine M.


This new third edition includes new: Sustainability concepts for a variety of commercial spaces Coverage of accessibility, security, safety, and codes—and how these factors influence commercial design Chapters on design research, project process, and project management

Nyberg, Gary - Modern Clinic Design: Strategies for an Era of Change, ebook

Modern Clinic Design: Strategies for an Era of Change

Nyberg, Gary


Readers will find innovative ideas about lean design, design for flexibility, and the use of mock-ups to prototype space plans within a clinic setting, and diagrammed examples including waiting rooms, registration desks, and exam rooms that demonstrate how these ideas