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McIlwaine, Cathy - Cross-Border Migration among Latin Americans, ebook

Cross-Border Migration among Latin Americans

McIlwaine, Cathy


Policy Change from Below: Recognizing Migrants’ Political Agency among Latin Americans in London
Davide Però
8. Conceptualizing Human Well-Being from a Gender and Life Course Perspective: The Case of Peruvian Migrants in London
Katie Wright
9. Gender

Balci, Bayram - China and India in Central Asia, ebook

China and India in Central Asia

Balci, Bayram


Table of contents
1. Why Central Asia? The Strategic Rationale of Indian and Chinese Involvement in the Region
Marlène Laruelle, Jean-François Huchet, Sébastien Peyrouse, Bayram Balci
Part I. Negotiating Projections of Power in Central Asia

Kempen, Ronald - Mass Housing in Europe, ebook

Mass Housing in Europe

Kempen, Ronald


Table of contents
1. Mass Housing Estates on Different Tracks: An Introduction to the Book
Sako Musterd, Ronald Kempen, Rob Rowlands
2. Theories of Neighbourhood Change and Decline: Their Significance for Post-WWII Large Housing Estates in…

Fonjong, Lotsmart - Saving the Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa, ebook

Saving the Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Fonjong, Lotsmart


Economic, Political, and Social Context
William T. Markham, Lotsmart Fonjong
6. A Profile of the NGOs
William T. Markham, Lotsmart Fonjong
7. The Biggest Problem: Money
William T. Markham, Lotsmart Fonjong
8. Relationships with Government

Lichtenfels, Peter - Performance, Politics and Activism, ebook

Performance, Politics and Activism

Lichtenfels, Peter


Expanding the Political with Performance
2. Performance and Language Diversity in a Globalizing World
Moradewun Adejunmobi
3. Zooming In and Out: Tactical Media Performance in Transnational Contexts
Marcela A. Fuentes
4. The Role of Theatre in the