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Lutterbie, John - Toward a General Theory of Acting, ebook

Toward a General Theory of Acting

Lutterbie, John


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John Lutterbie
Part I. Part I
2. The Language of Acting
John Lutterbie
3. Theatre and Dynamic Systems Theory
John Lutterbie
4. The Actor’s Tools
John Lutterbie
Part II. Part II

Gutwirth, Serge - Profiling the European Citizen, ebook

Profiling the European Citizen

Gutwirth, Serge


Table of contents
I. What is Profiling?
1. General Introduction and Overview
Mireille Hildebrandt, Serge Gutwirth
2. Defining Profiling: A New Type of Knowledge?
Mireille Hildebrandt
3. General Description of the Process of Behavioural Profiling
Ana Canhoto, James Backhouse
4. The Role of Algorithms

Dell'Isola, Michael D. - Architect's Essentials of Cost Management, ebook

Architect's Essentials of Cost Management

Dell'Isola, Michael D.


Written by a cost-control expert with more than thirty years of design and building expertise, this volume in the Professional Practice Essentials Series gives you practical, user-friendly guidance on how to better manager costs through all phases of…

Day, Ronald E. - Rethinking Knowledge Management, ebook

Rethinking Knowledge Management

Day, Ronald E.


Table of contents
1. Conversations for reflection
Mark Aakhus
2. An Activity Centered Framework for Knowledge Management
Stephen Gourlay
3. Trust and Knowledge Sharing in Organizations
Claire R. McInerney, Stewart Mohr
4. The…