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Gregory, Georgina - Relocating Popular Music, ebook

Relocating Popular Music

Gregory, Georgina


Recycled Music for Banal Nation: The Case of Serbia 1999– 2010
Srđan Atanasovski
6. ‘Escape and Build another World’: Relocations in Classical Minimalism and Minimal Techno
Isabel Stoppani Berrié
Part II.

Cyrino, Monica S. - Classical Myth on Screen, ebook

Classical Myth on Screen

Cyrino, Monica S.


Magic, Music, Race: Screening “Black Enchantment” after Black Orpheus (1959)
Monica S. Cyrino
12. Re-conceiving Hercules: Divine Paternity and Christian Anxiety in Hercules (2005)
Meredith E. Safran
13. The Twilight of Olympus: Deicide and the End

Davies, David - Philosophy of the Performing Arts, ebook

Philosophy of the Performing Arts

Davies, David


Presents the significant philosophical issues concerning the performing arts in an accessible style, assuming no prior knowledge
Provides a critical overview and a comprehensive framework for thinking about the performing arts
Examines the assumption that classical