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Furr, Martin - Equine Neurology, ebook

Equine Neurology

Furr, Martin


Equine Neurology, Second Edition provides a fully updated new edition of the only equine-specific neurology book, with comprehensive, clinically oriented information.   •Offers a complete clinical reference to neurologic conditions in equine patients •Takes a problem-based approach

Gelatt, Kirk N. - Color Atlas of Veterinary Ophthalmology, ebook

Color Atlas of Veterinary Ophthalmology

Gelatt, Kirk N.


Offers a pictorial reference to the clinical appearance of diseases and conditions of the animal eye Presents multiple presentations of most ophthalmic diseases to show the varying ways the condition might appear Provides more than 1,000 high-quality color clinical photographs showing ocular

Hafez, B. - Reproduction in Farm Animals, ebook

Reproduction in Farm Animals

Hafez, B.


Plus the seventh editing is filled with features that help you grasp the concepts of reproduction in farm animals so you'll perform better on exams and in practice:

condensed and simplified tables, so they're easier to consult
an easy-to-scan glossary at the end of the

Boon, June A. - Veterinary Echocardiography, ebook

Veterinary Echocardiography

Boon, June A.


Key changes include the addition of normal tissue Doppler technique, as well as five new appendices, covering topics such as normal reference ranges and an exam checklist.  Veterinary Echocardiography, Second Edition builds