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Cockcroft, Peter - Bovine Medicine, ebook

Bovine Medicine

Cockcroft, Peter


Thoroughly updated to reflect recent changes in the industry, Bovine Medicine, 3rd Edition, offers practicing large animal veterinarians and veterinary students a comprehensive reference to core aspects of contemporary cattle health and husbandry. New…

Coop, R. L. - Veterinary Parasitology, ebook

Veterinary Parasitology

Coop, R. L.


Long established as a bestselling parasitology book for veterinary practitioners and veterinary students, the previous edition lead by Urquhart was praised as '...probably the best available veterinary parasitology text for the practitioner' (Clinical

Martin, Mike - Small Animal ECGs: An Introductory Guide, ebook

Small Animal ECGs: An Introductory Guide

Martin, Mike

From 64,70€

Written by a Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology New chapters on the management and treatment of arrhythmias and on choosing an ECG recorder Suitable for all veterinary professionals, including practitioners, veterinary students, nurses and technicians

Richardson, Virginia C. G. - Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs, ebook

Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs

Richardson, Virginia C. G.

From 48,85€

Written in note form the book assists in the formulation of a diagnostic plan when the practitioner is faced with a sick animal. Sections on clinical signs, diagnoses and treatments, allow rapid reference in successive chapters on the reproductive, digestive, respiratory,

Frazer, Michele L. - Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography, ebook

Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography

Frazer, Michele L.

From 160,40€

Ideal for practitioners in first opinion or referral practices, each chapter features normal images for anatomical reference followed by abnormal images covering a broad range of recognised pathologies. The book is divided into musculoskeletal, reproductive and internal