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Pavia, Audrey - ASPCA Kids: Having Fun with Your Dog, ebook

ASPCA Kids: Having Fun with Your Dog

Pavia, Audrey


Tons of ideas for having even more fun with your dog!
Dogs are so much fun to be around—that's why they're our best friends, right? But there's so much more you can do with them than play fetch. This book showcases all the fun activities you can share together, like camping, hiking,

Eldredge, Kate - ASPCA Kids: Amazing Pet Tricks, ebook

ASPCA Kids: Amazing Pet Tricks

Eldredge, Kate


40 cool tricks you can teach your pet!
Ever wonder how you can train your dog and other pets to perform amazing tricks like the ones you see on TV? Now you too can impress family and friends with 40 cool tricks that are a cinch to master with your…

Miller, Katherine A - ASPCA Kids: Animals at Work, ebook

ASPCA Kids: Animals at Work

Miller, Katherine A


Animals work hard to make ourworld a better place!
Animals are so much more than companions—they make amazing contributions to the planet and to the human race. Here, you'll learn about the dogs who are lending a paw to protect livestock, guide…

Furstinger, Nancy - ASPCA Kids: Kids Making a Difference for Animals, ebook

ASPCA Kids: Kids Making a Difference for Animals

Furstinger, Nancy


Kids just like you are making a difference in the lives of animals every day. They're rescuing homeless pets, raising money for shelters and charities, making jewelry and holding bake sales to support animal-friendly causes, volunteering their time to…