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Thomas, Nicola - Renal Nursing, ebook

Renal Nursing

Thomas, Nicola


This fully updated fourth edition discusses the stages of chronic kidney disease, prevention and early management, pre-dialysis care, haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, transplantation, investigations and nutrition.  It also includes key

Tobias, Karen M. - Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery, ebook

Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery

Tobias, Karen M.


Key Features: Organized by procedure type and includes sections on surgery of the skin, abdomen, digestive system, reproductive tract, perineal, head and neck, and miscellaneous procedures Each chapter contains an introduction, tips for preoperative management, surgery, and surgical techniques,

Hodgson, Sarah - PuppyPerfect: The user-friendly guide to puppy parenting, ebook

PuppyPerfect: The user-friendly guide to puppy parenting

Hodgson, Sarah


Understanding your puppy's unique personality, breed-specific traits, and temperament will help you tailor and implement proper, positive training techniques to save your sanity and your puppy! PuppyPerfect explains how to develop a nurturing and mutually respectful relationship with your puppy, which

Orpet, Hilary - Handbook of Veterinary Nursing, ebook

Handbook of Veterinary Nursing

Orpet, Hilary

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Written in note form for quick reference by veterinary nurses and technicians at all stages of their training and career, this will be invaluable for both exam revision and quick reference in clinic.
Contents include:
The nursing process in veterinary care,