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Livingood, Lee - Retired Racing Greyhounds For Dummies, ebook

Retired Racing Greyhounds For Dummies

Livingood, Lee


Either way, this friendly guide tells you everything you need to know to: Understand the Greyhound personality Find a retired racing Greyhound to adopt Choose the right ex-racer for you and your family Educate yourself and your retired racer Give your new pal the diet and exercise it needs Keep your dog

Lee, Cheng-Sheng - Dietary Nutrients, Additives and Fish Health, ebook

Dietary Nutrients, Additives and Fish Health

Lee, Cheng-Sheng


Fish nutrition can be the deciding factor between a robust and healthy farmed fish population and low aquaculture production. In an age where chemicals and antibiotics are under greater scrutiny than ever, a strong understanding of the role of nutrients…

McDowell, Lee Russell - Vitamins in Animal and Human Nutrition, ebook

Vitamins in Animal and Human Nutrition

McDowell, Lee Russell


Vitamins in Animal and Human Nutrition contains concise, up-to-date information on vitamin nutrition for both animals and humans. The author defines these nutrients and describes their fascinating discovery, history and relationship to various diseases…

Lee, Daniel O'C. - Crustacean Farming: Ranching and Culture, ebook

Crustacean Farming: Ranching and Culture

Lee, Daniel O'C.


Belfast-born Dan Lee became involved in commercial crustacean aquaculture in South America, initially as a biologist in Semacua, the first penaeid shrimp hatchery in Ecuador, and later as designer and technical manager of another Ecuadorian hatchery, Macrobio. Originally

Lee, Cheng-Sheng - Species and System Selection for Sustainable Aquaculture, ebook

Species and System Selection for Sustainable Aquaculture

Lee, Cheng-Sheng


An outgrowth of a workshop held as part of the Aquaculture Interchange Program with examples from around the globe carefully edited by PingSun Leung, Pat O'Bryen, and Cheng-Sheng Lee this volume will be an important reference for all researchers, professionals, economists,

Lee, Cheng-Sheng - Copepods in Aquaculture, ebook

Copepods in Aquaculture

Lee, Cheng-Sheng


The importance of copepods in aquaculture has long been recognized, especially in the larval rearing of many marine fishes.
This timely publication provides a single source of information on copepod biology, culture methods and practical use in…