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Southwood, Louise L. - Practical Guide to Equine Colic, ebook

Practical Guide to Equine Colic

Southwood, Louise L.

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Practical Guide to Equine Colic takes a step-by-step clinical approach to the medical management of this common condition. Covering colic management and treatment from the veterinarian’s first involvement through referral, surgical intervention, and…

Gavin, Patrick R. - Practical Small Animal MRI, ebook

Practical Small Animal MRI

Gavin, Patrick R.


  This book covers normal anatomy and specific clinical conditions of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, abdomen, thorax, and head and neck. It also contains several chapters on disease of the brain and spine, including inflammatory, infectious, neoplastic,

Tobias, Karen M. - Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery, ebook

Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery

Tobias, Karen M.


Key Features: Organized by procedure type and includes sections on surgery of the skin, abdomen, digestive system, reproductive tract, perineal, head and neck, and miscellaneous procedures Each chapter contains an introduction, tips for preoperative management,