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Costa, Lais R.R. - Manual of Clinical Procedures in the Horse, ebook

Manual of Clinical Procedures in the Horse

Costa, Lais R.R.


Manual of Clinical Procedures in the Horse is a detailed step-by-step guide to clinical skills in equine practice. With information on techniques ranging from physical examination and blood sampling to lameness and neurologic exams and other specialized…

Bentz, Bradford - Equine Pharmacology, ebook

Equine Pharmacology

Bentz, Bradford


Equine Pharmacology combines highly practical therapeutic guidance with reliable scientific background information to provide a clinically relevant resource. Taking a body systems approach to the subject, the book offers the equine clinician fast access…

Karriker, Locke A. - Diseases of Swine, ebook

Diseases of Swine

Karriker, Locke A.


Provides a fully revised Eleventh Edition of the definitive reference to swine health and disease 
Diseases of Swine has been the definitive reference on swine health and disease for over 60 years. This new edition has been completely revised to…

Abutarbush, Sameeh M. - Illustrated Guide to Equine Diseases, ebook

Illustrated Guide to Equine Diseases

Abutarbush, Sameeh M.


It covers diseases of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, nervous, reproductive, ocular, musculoskeletal, urinary, integumentary, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems, and provides readers with a clinical picture of each disease, including a brief synopsis, presenting

Richardson, Virginia C. G. - Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs, ebook

Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs

Richardson, Virginia C. G.

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Sections on clinical signs, diagnoses and treatments, allow rapid reference in successive chapters on the reproductive, digestive, respiratory, musculoskeletal and urinary systems, the skin, head and neck, nervous system and husbandry.
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Johnson, Amy - Small Animal Pathology for Veterinary Technicians, ebook

Small Animal Pathology for Veterinary Technicians

Johnson, Amy


  From reproductive, endocrine, and eye disease to urinary tract and infectious diseases, the book offers in-depth information on a wide range of commonly presented diseases, providing technicians with practical information linked to their daily tasks.