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Perschbacher, Peter - Tilapia in Intensive Co-culture, ebook

Tilapia in Intensive Co-culture

Perschbacher, Peter


Co-culture core information is presented on Vibrio control, high-rate aquaculture processes, aquaponics, tilapia nutrient profile, and tilapia niche economics and marketing in the U.S, and with carp, catfish, freshwater and marine shrimp in the Americas, the Middle

Lee, Daniel O'C. - Crustacean Farming: Ranching and Culture, ebook

Crustacean Farming: Ranching and Culture

Lee, Daniel O'C.


Special consideration is given to the place of crustacean farming within the economics of developing nations in relation to social and environmental impact in order to promote awareness of the wider implications of global developments.
The consequences of recent