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Tiwari, Brijesh K. - Sustainable Food Processing, ebook

Sustainable Food Processing

Tiwari, Brijesh K.


With global inequalities becoming more pronounced, ingredient costs climbing, and global warming a major political issue, food producers must now address environmental concerns, social responsibility and economic viability when designing their food processing techniques for the future. Sustainable

Bratt, Les - Fish Canning Handbook, ebook

Fish Canning Handbook

Bratt, Les


This book provides a source of up to date and detailed technical information for all those involved in the production of canned fish, from students thinking of entering the industry, to regulatory authorities with responsibility for official inspection, trading

Fridell, Gavin - Coffee, ebook


Fridell, Gavin


But who is responsible for such vast inequality? Many analysts point to the coffee market itself, its price volatility and corporate oligarchy, and seek to "correct" it through fair trade, organic and sustainable coffee, corporate social responsibility, and a number