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Dudbridge, Michael - Handbook of Seal Integrity in the Food Industry, ebook

Handbook of Seal Integrity in the Food Industry

Dudbridge, Michael


Robust packages are an important factor in food preservation, consumer confidence in the product as well as waste minimisation and cost control throughout the system.
The Handbook of Seal Integrity in the Food Industry is aimed at people working in food supply

Peri, Claudio - The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Handbook, ebook

The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Handbook

Peri, Claudio

From 165,35€

Progress and innovation in olive cultivation, harvesting and milling technologies as well as in oil handling, storage and selling conditions make it possible to achieve even higher quality levels than those stipulated for extra virgin oils. As a consequence, a new

Prager, Gary - Practical Pharmaceutical Engineering, ebook

Practical Pharmaceutical Engineering

Prager, Gary


They have to implement FDA regulations, validation assurance, quality control, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance measures, and to maintain a high level of personal and environmental safety. This book provides readers

Brennan, James G. - Food Processing Handbook, ebook

Food Processing Handbook

Brennan, James G.

From 244,20€

In addition, it addresses current concerns about the safety of processed foods (including HACCP systems, traceability and hygienic design of plant) and control of food processes, as well as the impact of processing on the environment,

Iturriaga, Laura B. - Advances in Food Science and Technology, ebook

Advances in Food Science and Technology

Iturriaga, Laura B.

From 184,35€

It covers topics such as food safety objectives, risk assessment, quality assurance and control, good manufacturing practices, food process systems design and control and rapid methods of analysis and detection, as well as sensor

Bhandari, Bhesh - Food Materials Science and Engineering, ebook

Food Materials Science and Engineering

Bhandari, Bhesh

From 171,60€

The opening chapter will define the scope and application of food materials science, explaining the relationship between raw material structure and processing and quality in the final product. Subsequent chapters will examine the structure of food materials and how