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Lyons, Rob - Panic on a Plate, ebook

Panic on a Plate

Lyons, Rob


Food in Britain today is more plentiful, more nutritious, more varied, and much more affordable than ever in our history. This is something to celebrate, and Rob Lyons does exactly that. In a series of short up-beat chapters he challenges head on the…

Tepper, Beverly - Flavor, Satiety and Food Intake, ebook

Flavor, Satiety and Food Intake

Tepper, Beverly


Provides readers with a unique and timely summary of critical recent developments in research on the impact of flavor on satiety Explores a topic of central importance both for food professionals seeking to develop healthier products and health professionals concerned with obesity

Smith, Jim - Functional Food Product Development, ebook

Functional Food Product Development

Smith, Jim


A comprehensive review of the latest opportunities in this commercially important sector of the food industry Includes chapters highlighting functional food opportunities for specific health issues such as obesity, immunity, brain health, heart disease and the development

Dods, R. F. - Understanding Diabetes: A Biochemical Perspective, ebook

Understanding Diabetes: A Biochemical Perspective

Dods, R. F.


Understanding Diabetes begins with an overview of the disease, its worldwide prevalence and cost, and its connection to the global obesity epidemic. The author then explores the history of diabetes, including the first documented description of the disease dating back

Gunstone, Frank - Oils and Fats in the Food Industry, ebook

Oils and Fats in the Food Industry

Gunstone, Frank


The book also focuses on the current main concerns of the food industry regarding oils and fats use, including: the nutritional properties of fats and oils and their various components; links between chemical structure and physiological properties; and the role of lipids in some of the more important disease

Hamm, Wolf - Edible Oil Processing, ebook

Edible Oil Processing

Hamm, Wolf


Whilst levels of fat intake must be controlled in order to avoid obesity and other health problems, it remains the fact that fats (along with proteins and carbohydrates) are one of the three macronutrients and therefore an essential part of a healthy diet.
The ability

Alasalvar, Cesarettin - Dried Fruits: Phytochemicals and Health Effects, ebook

Dried Fruits: Phytochemicals and Health Effects

Alasalvar, Cesarettin


Scientific evidence suggests that individuals who regularly consume generous amounts of dried fruits have lower rates of cardiovascular disease, obesity, various types of cancer, type-2 diabetes, and other chronic diseases. Dried fruits also have the advantage of being