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Beckley, Jacqueline H. - Accelerating New Food Product Design and Development, ebook

Accelerating New Food Product Design and Development

Beckley, Jacqueline H.


Written primarily for directors and managers of food design and development, food scientists, technologists, and product developers, this book explains all the necessary information in order to help meet the increasing demands for innovation in an industry that is providing fewer resources.

Abramov, Yuriy A. - Computational Pharmaceutical Solid State Chemistry, ebook

Computational Pharmaceutical Solid State Chemistry

Abramov, Yuriy A.


This book is the first to combine computational material science and modeling of molecular solid states for pharmaceutical industry applications.
•    Provides descriptive and applied state-of-the-art computational approaches and workflows  to guide pharmaceutical solid state chemistry experiments and to support/troubleshoot

Dobretsov, Sergey - Biofouling Methods, ebook

Biofouling Methods

Dobretsov, Sergey


There is an emphasis on answering questions and each chapter provides technical methods and problem-solving hints and tips.
Bringing together a wealth of international contributions and edited by three internationally known

Cullen, P. J. - Food Mixing: Principles and Applications, ebook

Food Mixing: Principles and Applications

Cullen, P. J.


The mixing of liquids, solids and gases is one of the most common unit operations in the food industry. Mixing increases the homogeneity of a system by reducing non-uniformity or gradients in composition, properties or temperature. Secondary objectives of mixing include control of rates

Asadi, Mosen - Beet-Sugar Handbook, ebook

Beet-Sugar Handbook

Asadi, Mosen


Operating problem-solving related to all stations of sugarbeet processing, frequent practical examples, and given material/energy balances are other special features of this book.

Caracotsios, Michael - Computer-Aided Modeling of Reactive Systems, ebook

Computer-Aided Modeling of Reactive Systems

Caracotsios, Michael


It presents useful mathematical models, numerical methods for solving them, and statistical methods for testing and discriminating candidate models with experimental data. Topics covered include:
Chemical reaction models
Chemical reactor models