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Astiasaran, Iciar - Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry, ebook

Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry

Astiasaran, Iciar


The 54 chapters of this substantial book are grouped into the following sections: Meat fermentation worldwide: overview, production and principles Raw materials Microbiology and starter cultures for meat fermentation Sensory attributes Product categories: general

Boylston, Terri - Handbook of Meat, Poultry and Seafood Quality, ebook

Handbook of Meat, Poultry and Seafood Quality

Boylston, Terri


Following sections discuss factors affecting the quality of beef, pork, poultry, and seafood. Under each muscle food, some or all of the following factors affecting the quality are discussed:
additives aroma color contaminants

James, Glyn - Sugarcane, ebook


James, Glyn


Focussing on the agricultural aspects of the crop, this book follows a logical progression from the botany and breeding through to planning cultivation, control of weeds, pests and diseases, harvest management and payment for cane.

An invaluable asset to those

Botana, Luis M. - Phycotoxins: Chemistry and Biochemistry, ebook

Phycotoxins: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Botana, Luis M.


Information presented and coverage of each toxin follows the following distribution: background and toxicology (10%); chemistry, biochemistry and metabolism (75%); mechanism of action (10%); and analytical methodology (5%).

Blech, Zushe Yosef - Kosher Food Production, ebook

Kosher Food Production

Blech, Zushe Yosef


Following an introduction to basic Kosher laws, theory and practice, author Blech details the essential food production procedures required of modern food plants to meet Kosher certification standards. Chapters on Kosher application include ingredient management; rabbinic

Heller, Knut J. - Genetically Engineered Food: Methods and Detection, ebook

Genetically Engineered Food: Methods and Detection

Heller, Knut J.


Clarifying the unsolved aspects of labeling novel foods, this book presents the methods, limitations and future perspectives for genetic engineering.
Following an overview of recent techniques and applications in plants, animals and microorganisms, a second section -- written by expert lawyers -- covers the legal issues

Feng, Weiyue - Toxicology of Nanomaterials, ebook

Toxicology of Nanomaterials

Feng, Weiyue


A variety of techniques in molecular toxicology of nanomaterials is presented, followed by a detailed explanation of interaction between nanoparticles and biomacromolecules, including the structure-toxicity relationships of nanomaterials. Finally, the book concludes