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Stackhouse, Jennifer - Gardening For Dummies, ebook

Gardening For Dummies

Stackhouse, Jennifer


Brimming with advice, resources and suggested planting choices, this friendly guide shows you step by step how to create the garden of your dreams. From basic cultivation to garden design, this book is just what you need to start playing in the dirt ? even if you?ve never picked up a garden

Primeau, Liz - Gardening Basics For Canadians For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Gardening Basics For Canadians For Dummies®

Primeau, Liz


Your green-thumb guide to gardening in Canada
Create the garden of your dreams with the right plants and equipment
Want a green thumb? This handy guide gives beginning gardeners tips, plans, and insider know-how for getting started with flower beds, herbs, vegetables, trees, shrubs,

Frowine, Steven A. - Gardening Basics For Dummies, ebook

Gardening Basics For Dummies

Frowine, Steven A.

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You’re now officially out of excuses for not planting the garden of your dreams. Even if you’ve never sowed a seed nor pulled a weed, Gardening Basics For Dummies contains everything you need to know about flowers, beds, borders, trees, shrubs, and lawns to create your own private