Fan, Xuetong - Food Irradiation Research and Technology, ebook

Food Irradiation Research and Technology

Fan, Xuetong


Food Irradiation Research and Technology presents the latest scientific findings of researchers at the leading edge of food irradiation. In this book, experts from industry, government, and academia:
define the basic principles of irradiation and the public health

Whitehurst, Robert J. - Emulsifiers in Food Technology, ebook

Emulsifiers in Food Technology

Whitehurst, Robert J.


Emulsifiers are essential components of many industrial food recipes, whether they be added for the purpose of water/oil emulsification in its simplest form, for textural and organoleptic modification, for shelf life enhancement, or as complexing or stabilising…

Thomas, Sabu - Advances in Food Science and Technology, ebook

Advances in Food Science and Technology

Thomas, Sabu


This book comprehensively reviews research on new developments in all areas of food chemistry/science and technology. It covers topics such as food safety objectives, risk assessment, quality assurance and control, good manufacturing practices, food process systems design and control and

Law, Barry A. - Technology of Cheesemaking, ebook

Technology of Cheesemaking

Law, Barry A.


Now in a fully-revised and updated second edition, this book covers the science and technology underlying cheesemaking as practised today in the manufacture of hard, semi-soft and mould-ripened cheeses. Including three new chapters on milk handling prior to cheesemaking; packaging; and major

Britz, Trevor - Advanced Dairy Science and Technology, ebook

Advanced Dairy Science and Technology

Britz, Trevor


This important and comprehensive book covers, in depth, the most important recent advances in dairy technology. Providing core commercially important information for the dairy industry, the editors, both internationally known for their work in this area, have drawn together an impressive

Campbell-Platt, Geoffrey - Food Science and Technology, ebook

Food Science and Technology

Campbell-Platt, Geoffrey


The study of food science and technology is the understanding and application of science to satisfy the needs of society for sustainable food quality, safety and security. Supported by IUFoST, this brand new comprehensive textbook is an invaluable tool, designed to cover all elements of

McCarthy, J. R. - Enzyme Technologies: Pluripotent Players, ebook

Enzyme Technologies: Pluripotent Players

McCarthy, J. R.


Highlighting the critical importance of enzymes in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research, Enzyme Technologies presents thorough discussions on chemical biology of enzymes, redesigning binding and catalytic specificities of enzymes, and applications of enzymes to biotechnology research