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Migonney, Véronique - Biomaterials, ebook


Migonney, Véronique


A comprehensive resource, the text covers the reasons that certain properties of biomaterials contribute to specific applications, and students and researchers will appreciate this exhaustive textbook.

Burbidge, Adam - Food Industry R&D: A New Approach, ebook

Food Industry R&D: A New Approach

Burbidge, Adam


There is, however, common ground between these two approaches as both strive to maximize knowledge, though for different reasons and in differnt ways. The equipment and scientific rigor may be similar or identical, however their usage, approach and interpretation

Alfonso, Amparo - Phycotoxins: Chemistry and Biochemistry, ebook

Phycotoxins: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Alfonso, Amparo


Phycotoxins are a diverse group of poisonous substances produced by certain seaweed and algae in marine and fresh waters and are important to the scientific community for many reasons, the most obvious being that they pose food safety issues which requires a large investment to regularly

Dudbridge, Michael - Handbook of Seal Integrity in the Food Industry, ebook

Handbook of Seal Integrity in the Food Industry

Dudbridge, Michael


A comprehensive review of the reasons for poor seal integrity is included along with suggestions for improvements in maintenance, machine set up and operation. Seal testing systems are featured along with management techniques to ensure a high level of performance

Jones, Julian - Bio-Glasses: An Introduction, ebook

Bio-Glasses: An Introduction

Jones, Julian


Alongside discussion on how bio-glasses are made, their properties, and the reasons for their use, the authors also cover their applications in dentistry, bone regeneration and tissue engineering and cancer treatment. Its solid guidance describes the steps needed to