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Borbye, Lisbeth - Industry Immersion Learning, ebook

Industry Immersion Learning

Borbye, Lisbeth


How to Create and Conduct Real-Life Reusable Case Studies with Industry
Employer Alliances and Projects
Written and Endorsed by Science and Business Professionals in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA
Many students and university teachers are unfamiliar with the industry

Buchholz, Klaus - Biocatalysts and Enzyme Technology, ebook

Biocatalysts and Enzyme Technology

Buchholz, Klaus


This second edition of a bestselling textbook offers an instructive and comprehensive overview of our current knowledge of biocatalysis and enzyme technology.
The book now contains about 40% more printed content. Three chapters are completely new,…

Feldmann, Horst - Yeast, ebook


Feldmann, Horst


“... This book provides the essentials in a simple and easy to understand way, suitable for use as a primer for researchers new to this highly studied microbe, especially if coming to yeast from another organism...very well referenced, providing…

Burrow, Tom - Skinology: The Effect of TENCEL Fibers on Human Skin, ebook

Skinology: The Effect of TENCEL Fibers on Human Skin

Burrow, Tom


This very first title to deal with all aspects of lyocell fibers covers everything from molecular properties to dermatological features.
With its inclusion of the results from 35 medical studies on biopolymer-based clothing, this is an invaluable…

Chamow, Steven M. - Therapeutic Fc Fusion Proteins, ebook

Therapeutic Fc Fusion Proteins

Chamow, Steven M.


Edited by three pioneers in the field, each with longstanding experience in the biotech industry, this is the first book to cover every step in the development and production of Fc-fusion proteins -- from choosing the right design on a molecular level…