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Labbé, Ronald G. - Guide to Foodborne Pathogens, ebook

Guide to Foodborne Pathogens

Labbé, Ronald G.


Guide to Foodborne Pathogens covers pathogens—bacteria, viruses, and parasites—that are most commonly responsible for foodborne illness. An essential guide for anyone in the food industry, research, or regulation who needs to ensure

Iannacci, Jacopo - Practical Guide to RF-MEMS, ebook

Practical Guide to RF-MEMS

Iannacci, Jacopo


Closes the gap between hardcore-theoretical and purely experimental RF-MEMS books.
The book covers, from a practical viewpoint, the most critical steps that have to be taken in order to develop novel RF-MEMS device concepts. Prototypical RF-MEMS devices,…

Curtis, Patricia A. - Guide to US Food Laws and Regulations, ebook

Guide to US Food Laws and Regulations

Curtis, Patricia A.


Based on a popular internet course, Guide to Food Laws and Regulations, 2nd Edition informs students on the significance, range, and background of food laws and gives tools for finding current regulations. 
This compact resource outlines major U.S. food