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The Netocrats

The Netocrats

Bard, Alexander


They were invented during the 19th century to make sense of a development that seemed to reach its climax with industrialisation and the modern factory. The Netocrats is a history of the world from the perspective of the netocrats, the rising elite of Informationalism,

Arora, Ritu - Conquering Big Data with High Performance Computing, ebook

Conquering Big Data with High Performance Computing

Arora, Ritu


Data Movement in Data-Intensive High Performance Computing
Pietro Cicotti, Sarp Oral, Gokcen Kestor, Roberto Gioiosa, Shawn Strande, Michela Taufer, James H. Rogers, Hasan Abbasi, Jason Hill, Laura Carrington
4. Using Managed High Performance Computing Systems