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Hoek, Wiebe - Uncertainty, Rationality, and Agency, ebook

Uncertainty, Rationality, and Agency

Hoek, Wiebe


Table of contents
1. The No Probabilities for Acts-Principle
Marion Ledwig
2. A Logic for Inductive Probabilistic Reasoning
Manfred Jaeger
3. Rationality as Conformity
Hykel Hosni, Jeff Paris
4. On The Structure of Rational Acceptance: Comments on Hawthorne and Bovens
Gregory R. Wheeler

Liem, André - Prospective Ergonomics, ebook

Prospective Ergonomics

Liem, André


Outcomes have shown that innovating through the Prospective Ergonomics (PE) approach is about finding the right balance between, on the one hand, meeting primary objectives such as profit maximization or solving the design problem, and on the other, acknowledging that human activity is bounded by