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Stefan, Wagner - Software Product Quality Control, ebook

Software Product Quality Control

Stefan, Wagner


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stefan Wagner
2. Quality Models
Stefan Wagner
3. Quality Planning
Stefan Wagner
4. Quality Control
Stefan Wagner
5. Practical Experiences
Stefan Wagner
6. Summary
Stefan Wagner

Hoceini, Said - Quality-of-Experience for Multimedia, ebook

Quality-of-Experience for Multimedia

Hoceini, Said


Based on a convergence of network technologies, the Next Generation Network (NGN) is being deployed to carry high quality video and voice data. In fact, the convergence of network technologies has been driven by the converging needs of end-users.
The perceived end-to-end quality

Heuberger, Albert - Microelectronic Systems, ebook

Microelectronic Systems

Heuberger, Albert


Robust Position Measurement Systems based on Integrated 3D Magnetic Field Sensors
Hans-Peter Hohe, Michael Hackner, Markus Stahl-Offergeld, Volker Peters, Josef Sauerer
6. Design of Multi-Dimensional Magnetic Position Sensor Systems

Grant, Casey C - Interoperable Electronic Safety Equipment, ebook

Interoperable Electronic Safety Equipment

Grant, Casey C


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Background
Casey C. Grant
2. Literature Review
Casey C. Grant
3. PPE Electronic Inventory
Casey C. Grant
4. Performance Requirements for Interoperability
Casey C. Grant
5. PPE Electronic…

Lund, Mass Soldal - Model-Driven Risk Analysis, ebook

Model-Driven Risk Analysis

Lund, Mass Soldal


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mass Soldal Lund, Bjørnar Solhaug, Ketil Stølen
2. Background and Related Approaches
Mass Soldal Lund, Bjørnar Solhaug, Ketil Stølen
3. A Guided Tour of the CORAS Method
Mass Soldal Lund, Bjørnar…