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Glisic, Savo G. - Advanced Wireless Communications: 4G Technologies, ebook

Advanced Wireless Communications: 4G Technologies

Glisic, Savo G.


Research has generated a number of solutions for significant improvement of system performance. The development of enabling technologies such as adaptive coding and modulation, iterative (turbo) decoding algorithms and space-time coding, means that industry can now

Weerasinghe, Dasun - Electronic Healthcare, ebook

Electronic Healthcare

Weerasinghe, Dasun


Web Based Personal Nutrition Management Tool
Selen Bozkurt, Ne?e Zayim, Kemal Hakan Gülkesen, Mehmet Kemal Samur
21. Event-Based Data Dissemination Control in Healthcare
Jatinder Singh, Jean Bacon
22. Decision Support Systems: Improving Levels of Care

Chang, Alan Chin-Chen - Communication and Networking, ebook

Communication and Networking

Chang, Alan Chin-Chen


Security Enhancement on an Improvement on Two Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards
HanCheng Hsiang, TienHo Chen, WeiKuan Shih
10. Improving the Performance of Beacon Safety Message Dissemination in Vehicular Networks Using Kalman Filter Estimation