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Leyton, Michael - The Structure of Paintings, ebook

The Structure of Paintings

Leyton, Michael


Table of contents
1. Shape as Memory Storage
2. Expressiveness of Line
3. The Evolution Laws
4. Smoothness-Breaking

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Brodskaïa, Nathalia - Félix Vallotton, ebook

Félix Vallotton

Brodskaïa, Nathalia


Félix Vallotton (1865-1925) war ein französischer Künstler der Jahrhundertwende, dessen Werke bürgerliche Konventionen hinterfragten und den Geschlechterkampf thematisierten. In kühl konstruierten Kulissen findet sich eine ästhetische Provokation,…

McCann, John J. - The Art and Science of HDR Imaging, ebook

The Art and Science of HDR Imaging

McCann, John J.


Illustrated in full colour throughout, including examples of fine-art paintings, HDR photography, and multiple exposure scenes; this book uses techniques to study the HDR properties of entire scenes, and measures the range of light of scenes and the range that cameras

Derakhshani, Dariush - Maya Secrets of the Pros, ebook

Maya Secrets of the Pros

Derakhshani, Dariush


In nine unique and compelling chapters, you’ll get detailed and sophisticated instruction on how to: Enhance fluidity and realism by generating complex motion with Maya Cloth Apply non-photorealistic rendering styles that mimic the look of comic books and impressionist paintings Emulate

Onstott, Scott - Enhancing CAD Drawings with Photoshop, ebook

Enhancing CAD Drawings with Photoshop

Onstott, Scott


Inside, you'll learn how to: Plan your work flow to ensure consistent color printing Work in the digital darkroom and hone your retouching skills Extract entourage objects from photographs and use them in architectural illustrations, renderings, plans, and elevations Enhance your line drawings with