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Dyck, Dirk van - Handbook of Nanoscopy, 2 Volume Set, ebook

Handbook of Nanoscopy, 2 Volume Set

Dyck, Dirk van


This completely revised successor to the Handbook of Microscopy supplies in-depth coverage of all imaging technologies from the optical
to the electron and scanning techniques. Adopting a twofold approach, the book firstly presents the various technologies…

Grosky, William I. - Multimedia, Computer Graphics and Broadcasting, ebook

Multimedia, Computer Graphics and Broadcasting

Grosky, William I.


Parallel Mass Transfer Simulation of Nanoparticles Using Nonblocking Communications
Chantana Chantrapornchai (Phonpensri), Banpot Dolwithayakul, Sergei Gorlatch
4. Efficient Index for Handwritten Text
Ibrahim Kamel
5. SVM-Based Classification of Moving

Chen, Junghuei - Nanotechnology: Science and Computation, ebook

Nanotechnology: Science and Computation

Chen, Junghuei


Multicomponent Assemblies Including Long DNA and Nanoparticles — An Answer for the Integration Problem?
Andreas Wolff, Andrea Csaki, Wolfgang Fritzsche
14. Molecular Electronics: from Physics to Computing
Yongqiang Xue, Mark A. Ratner
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