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Nelson, Matthew L. - Value Creation in E-Business Management, ebook

Value Creation in E-Business Management

Nelson, Matthew L.


Customer-Specific Transaction Risk Management in E-Commerce
Markus Ruch, Stefan Sackmann
7. An Evaluation of Multiple Perceptions of Digital Rights Management
Allyn D. Stott, Aakash Taneja
8. Consumer’s Online Shopping Influence Factors and Decision-Making

Ivanov, Ivan - Cloud Computing and Services Science, ebook

Cloud Computing and Services Science

Ivanov, Ivan


Achieving Market Liquidity Through Autonomic Cloud Market Management
Ivan Breskovic, Michael Maurer, Vincent C. Emeakaroha, Ivona Brandic, Jörn Altmann
6. Cost-Performance Driven Resource Configuration for Database Applications in IaaS Cloud Environments