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Panchenko, Anna - Protein-protein Interactions and Networks, ebook

Protein-protein Interactions and Networks

Panchenko, Anna


Integrative Structure Determination of Protein Assemblies by Satisfaction of Spatial Restraints
Frank Alber, Brian T. Chait, Michael P. Rout, Andrej Sali
7. Topological and Dynamical Properties of Protein Interaction Networks
Sergei Maslov
8. From Protein

Caplinskas, Albertas - Information Systems Development, ebook

Information Systems Development

Caplinskas, Albertas


Motivation and Job Satisfaction among Information Systems Developers — Perspectives from Finland, Nigeria and Estonia: A Preliminary Study
Princely Ifinedo
16. A Combined Neural Network and Decision Tree Approach for Text Categorization
Nerijus Remeikis,

Burkhardt, Hans - Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Applications, ebook

Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Applications

Burkhardt, Hans


An Artificial Life Approach for Semi-supervised Learning
Lutz Herrmann, Alfred Ultsch
18. Hard and Soft Euclidean Consensus Partitions
Kurt Hornik, Walter Böhm
19. Rationale Models for Conceptual Modeling
Sina Lehrmann, Werner Esswein
20. Measures