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Purcell, Patrick - Networked Neighbourhoods, ebook

Networked Neighbourhoods

Purcell, Patrick


The Magic Lounge: Connecting Island Communities Through Varied Communication Services
Thomas Rist, Niels Ole Bernsen, Jean-Claude Martin
11. The Digital Hug: Enhancing Emotional Communication by Creative Scenarios
Verena Seibert-Giller, Manfred Tscheligi,

Condon, Anne - Algorithmic Bioprocesses, ebook

Algorithmic Bioprocesses

Condon, Anne


No Molecule Is an Island: Molecular Evolution and the Study of Sequence Space
Erik A. Schultes, Peter T. Hraber, Thomas H. LaBean
35. Niching Methods: Speciation Theory Applied for Multi-modal Function Optimization
Ofer M. Shir, Thomas Bäck
36. On

Pejaś, Jerzy - Information Processing and Security Systems, ebook

Information Processing and Security Systems

Pejaś, Jerzy


A Tiny Flat-island in a Huge Lake — How can we search for it if completely flatland elsewhere?
Akira Imada
33. A Soft Computing Based Approach Using Signal-To-Image Conversion for Computer Aided Medical Diagnosis (CAMD)
Amine Chohra, Nadia Kanaoui, V.

Bauer, Peter - Photoshop CS2 For Dummies, ebook

Photoshop CS2 For Dummies

Bauer, Peter


If you’re a photography hobbyist, would you like to brighten up that gloomy island vacation photo? Slim down without going on a diet? See whether white or green shutters look best on the house? Expunge the ex-boyfriend from family photos?
If you’re a pro or semi-pro