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Kotaru, V. Keerti - Material Design implementation with AngularJS, ebook

Material Design implementation with AngularJS

Kotaru, V. Keerti


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Angular Material
V. Keerti Kotaru
2. Getting Started
V. Keerti Kotaru
3. Layout Management
V. Keerti Kotaru
4. Navigation & Container Elements
V. Keerti Kotaru
5. Action Buttons
V. Keerti Kotaru
6. Themes
V. Keerti Kotaru
7. Forms

Hollington, Jesse D. - iPod and iTunes Portable Genius, ebook

iPod and iTunes Portable Genius

Hollington, Jesse D.


Watch for the "Genius" icons and find smart, innovative ways to get more from your iPod and iTunes.Shows beginners how to set up and use the iPod and iTunesOffers plenty of intermediate-to-advanced information about troubleshooting, using scripts to maximize iTunes,

Arrick, Roger - Robot Building For Dummies, ebook

Robot Building For Dummies

Arrick, Roger


Discover what robots can do and how they work

Find out how to build your own robot and program it to perform tasks

Ready to enter the robot world? This book is your passport! It walks you through building your very own little metal assistant from a kit, dressing it up, giving it a brain, programming

Nelson, Stephen L. - QuickBooks Simple Start For Dummies, ebook

QuickBooks Simple Start For Dummies

Nelson, Stephen L.


Get expert advice on daily, monthly, and yearly activities
Define your business, maintain records, manage sales tax, and produce reports
So you've pulled off the corporate highway and started your own business? Good for you! Now you need a small business accountant, and guess what? With QuickBooks Simple Start and

Taylor, David - Solaris 9 For Dummies, ebook

Solaris 9 For Dummies

Taylor, David


The Dummies Way Explanations in plain English "Get in, get out" information Icons and other navigational aids Tear-out cheat sheet Top ten lists A dash of humor and fun

Underdahl, Brian - What's New in Windows 8.1 For Dummies, ebook

What's New in Windows 8.1 For Dummies

Underdahl, Brian

From 0,10€

Chapters include:
It's all about you: An exploration of the customization features, from flexible sizing on icons to shared wallpaper to boot options.
We can build it better: Review of the updates to applications with special emphaisis on communications and

McFedries, Paul - iPhone 4 Portable Genius, ebook

iPhone 4 Portable Genius

McFedries, Paul


Genius icons present smart or innovative ways to do something; in many cases, this will be a way that readers can save time or hassle. A smaller trim size makes it handy, but also easy for readers to find essential information on the hottest tips and tricks for their

McFedries, Paul - The new iPad Portable Genius, ebook

The new iPad Portable Genius

McFedries, Paul


Shows you how to surf the web, watch movies and TV, listen to music, read books, play games, create presentations, edit documents, manage contacts, organize photos, update spreadsheets, and more Covers how to use and troubleshoot the latest iOS Features Genius icons

Conner, Nancy - Managed Services For Dummies® (CUSTOM), ebook

Managed Services For Dummies® (CUSTOM)

Conner, Nancy


Managed Services for Dummies
Blue Coat Managed Solutions Edition
Application-aware WAN services to reduce cost and complexity
A reference for the rest of us!
FREE eTips at dummies.com®
Nancy Conner
Managed services improve WAN service levels and boost business productivity
Managed services for