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Clay, Jo - Game Invaders: The Theory and Understanding of Computer Games, ebook

Game Invaders: The Theory and Understanding of Computer Games

Clay, Jo

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Presenting a holistic and thoroughly practical investigation of the true nature of computer games that arms readers with a small yet powerful set of theories for developing unique approaches to understanding games. Game Invaders fully integrates genre theory, new media aesthetics, perceptual

Ardeleanu, Stefan - Relational Database Programming, ebook

Relational Database Programming

Ardeleanu, Stefan


Table of contents
1. The Concept of Style
Stefan Ardeleanu
2. SQL: Beauty and the Beast
Stefan Ardeleanu
3. A Holistic Vision of the Data
Stefan Ardeleanu
4. Data by Set or by Row?
Stefan Ardeleanu
5. Data Transfer Paradigm
Stefan Ardeleanu
6. The Challenge of Scalar Functions

Calvary, Ga?lle - Computer Science and Ambient Intelligence, ebook

Computer Science and Ambient Intelligence

Calvary, Ga?lle


Taking a holistic view, it covers various levels of abstraction, ranging from fundamental to advanced concepts and brings together the contributions of various specialists in the field.
Moreover, the book covers the key areas of computer science concerned with

Silva, Thiago - Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services, ebook

Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

Silva, Thiago


Teaches solution architects, designers, and developers how to use Microsoft's reporting platform to create reporting and business intelligence (BI) solutions Updated with new information about holistic BI solutions, comprehensive OLAP/Analysis Services reporting, and complete production

Liu, Zhen - Performance Modeling and Engineering, ebook

Performance Modeling and Engineering

Liu, Zhen


Performance Engineering and Management Method — A Holistic Approach to Performance Engineering
Dave Jewell
3. Economic Models of Communication Networks
Jean Walrand
4. Algorithmic Methods for Sponsored Search Advertising
Jon Feldman, S. Muthukrishnan