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Trepte, Sabine - Privacy Online, ebook

Privacy Online

Trepte, Sabine


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Privacy Online
Joseph B. Walther
2. Three Theories of Privacy: An Overview
Stephen T. Margulis
3. Negotiating Privacy Concerns and Social Capital Needs in a Social Media Environment
Nicole B. Ellison, Jessica Vitak, Charles Steinfield, Rebecca Gray, Cliff Lampe

Champod, Christophe - Handbook of Biometrics for Forensic Science, ebook

Handbook of Biometrics for Forensic Science

Champod, Christophe


Table of contents
1. Biometric Technologies for Forensic Science and Policing: State of the Art
Christophe Champod, Massimo Tistarelli
Part I. Analysis of Fingerprints and Fingermarks
2. Capture and Analysis of Latent Marks
Mario Hildebrandt, Jana Dittmann, Claus Vielhauer
3. Automated Fingerprint Identification