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Bubak, Marian - Achievements in European Research on Grid Systems, ebook

Achievements in European Research on Grid Systems

Bubak, Marian


Table of contents
1. Divide et Impera: Partitioning Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Systems to Improve Resource Location
Harris Papadakis, Paraskevi Fragopoulou, Evangelos P. Markatos, Marios Dikaiakos, Alexandros Labrinidis
2. Validating Desktop…

Lavington, Simon - Moving Targets, ebook

Moving Targets

Lavington, Simon


Table of contents
1. The Navy Comes to Borehamwood
Simon Lavington
2. A Glint on the Horizon
Simon Lavington
3. The Secret Digit
Simon Lavington
4. Analogue Expertise
Simon Lavington
5. NRDC and the Market
Simon Lavington
6. Process Control and Automation: The Bagrit Vision

Tan, Ying - Artificial Immune System: Applications in Computer Security, ebook

Artificial Immune System: Applications in Computer Security

Tan, Ying


This book deals with malware detection in terms of Artificial Immune System (AIS), and presents a number of AIS models and immune-based feature extraction approaches as well as their applications in computer security
Covers all of the current achievements in computer security based

Troccaz, Jocelyne - Medical Robotics, ebook

Medical Robotics

Troccaz, Jocelyne


Because this domain has now reached a certain level of maturity it seems important and useful to provide a state of the scientific, technological and clinical achievements and still open issues.
This book describes the short history of the domain, its specificity

Wesolowski, Krzysztof - Introduction to Digital Communication Systems, ebook

Introduction to Digital Communication Systems

Wesolowski, Krzysztof


Offers theoretical and practical knowledge in a self-contained textbook on digital communications Explains basic rules of recent achievements in digital communication systems such as MIMO, turbo codes, LDPC codes, OFDMA, SC-FDMA Provides problems at the end of

Chiarcos, Christian - Linked Data in Linguistics, ebook

Linked Data in Linguistics

Chiarcos, Christian


Creating Linked Data for the Interdisciplinary International Collaborative Study of Language Acquisition and Use: Achievements and Challenges of a New Virtual Linguistics Lab
María Blume, Suzanne Flynn, Barbara Lust
10. Linking to Linguistic Data Categories