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Li, Yingshu - Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications, ebook

Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications

Li, Yingshu


Table of contents
I. Network Design and Network Modelling
1. A Taxonomy-based Approach to Design of Large-scale Sensor Networks
Aravind Iyer, Sunil S. Kulkarni, Vivek Mhatre, Catherine P. Rosenberg
2. Algorithms for Robotic Deployment of…

Romanovsky, Alexander - Industrial Deployment of System Engineering Methods, ebook

Industrial Deployment of System Engineering Methods

Romanovsky, Alexander


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alexander Romanovsky, Martyn Thomas
2. Integrated Project DEPLOY
Alexander Romanovsky
3. Experience of Deployment in the Automotive Industry
Rainer Gmehlich, Cliff Jones
4. Improving Railway Data Validation with ProB
Jérôme Falampin, Hung Le-Dang, Michael Leuschel,