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Vapnik, Vladimir - Estimation of Dependences Based on Empirical Data, ebook

Estimation of Dependences Based on Empirical Data

Vapnik, Vladimir


Table of contents
1. Realism and Instrumentalism: Classical Statistics and VC Theory (1960–1980)
2. Falsifiability and Parsimony: VC Dimension and the Number of Entities (1980–2000)
3. Noninductive Methods of Inference: Direct Inference Instead of Generalization (2000-...)
4. The Big Picture


Palmer, Grant - Physics for Game Programmers, ebook

Physics for Game Programmers

Palmer, Grant


Table of contents
1. Adding Realism to Your Games
2. Some Basic Concepts
3. Basic Newtonian Mechanics
4. Basic Kinematics
5. Projectiles
6. Collisions
7. Sports Simulations
8. Cars and Motorcycles
9. Boats and Things That Float
10. Airplanes
11. Rockets and Missiles
12. The Physics of Solids

Derakhshani, Dariush - Maya Secrets of the Pros, ebook

Maya Secrets of the Pros

Derakhshani, Dariush


In nine unique and compelling chapters, you’ll get detailed and sophisticated instruction on how to: Enhance fluidity and realism by generating complex motion with Maya Cloth Apply non-photorealistic rendering styles that mimic the look of comic books and