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Peer, Angelika - Immersive Multimodal Interactive Presence, ebook

Immersive Multimodal Interactive Presence

Peer, Angelika


Data-Driven Visuo-Haptic Rendering of Deformable Bodies
Matthias Harders, Raphael Hoever, Serge Pfeifer, Thibaut Weise
9. Haptic Rendering Methods for Multiple Contact Points
Manuel Ferre, Pablo Cerrada, Jorge Barrio, Raul Wirz
10. Artificially Rendered

Agha, Khaldoun Al - Network Coding, ebook

Network Coding

Agha, Khaldoun Al


Network coding, a relatively new area of research, has evolved from the theoretical level to become a tool used to optimize the performance of communication networks – wired, cellular, ad hoc, etc. The idea consists of mixing “packets” of data together when routing them from source to destination. Since network

Gool, Luc Van - Large-Scale Visual Geo-Localization, ebook

Large-Scale Visual Geo-Localization

Gool, Luc Van


User-Aided Geo-location of Untagged Desert Imagery
Eric Tzeng, Andrew Zhai, Matthew Clements, Raphael Townshend, Avideh Zakhor
14. Visual Geo-localization of Non-photographic Depictions via 2D–3D Alignment
Mathieu Aubry, Bryan Russell, Josef Sivic

Chinneck, John W. - Operations Research and Cyber-Infrastructure, ebook

Operations Research and Cyber-Infrastructure

Chinneck, John W.


Table of contents
I. Modeling
1. Python Optimization Modeling Objects (Pyomo)
William E. Hart
2. Object Oriented Modeling of Multistage Stochastic Linear Programs
Leo Lopes, Robert Fourer
3. Aeon: Synthesizing Scheduling Algorithms from High-Level Models
Jean-Noël Monette, Yves Deville, Pascal Van

Hessabi, Shaahin - Advances in Computer Science and Engineering, ebook

Advances in Computer Science and Engineering

Hessabi, Shaahin


A New Architecture for Heterogeneous Context Based Routing
Enrico Dressler, Raphael Zender, Ulrike Lucke, Djamshid Tavangarian
66. Performance Modeling of a Distributed Web Crawler Using Stochastic Activity Networks
Mitra Nasri, Saeed Shariati, Mohammad