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Chinneck, John W. - Operations Research and Cyber-Infrastructure, ebook

Operations Research and Cyber-Infrastructure

Chinneck, John W.


Radiotherapy optimAl Design: An Academic Radiotherapy Treatment Design System
R. Acosta, W. Brick, A. Hanna, A. Holder, D. Lara, G. McQuilen, D. Nevin, P. Uhlig, B. Salter
22. Integrated Forecasting and Inventory Control for Seasonal Demand
Gokhan Metan,

Fleischmann, Albert - S-BPM in the Wild, ebook

S-BPM in the Wild

Fleischmann, Albert


Communication- and Value-Based Organizational Development at the University Clinic for Radiotherapy-Radiation Oncology
Martina Augl, Christian Stary
4. Introducing S-BPM at an IT Service Providers
Marc Sprogies, Werner Schmidt
5. A Service Hardware

Tavares, João Manuel R. S. - Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing, ebook

Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing

Tavares, João Manuel R. S.


Table of contents
1. Automatic Segmentation of the Optic Radiation Using DTI in Healthy Subjects and Patients with Glaucoma
Ahmed El-Rafei, Tobias Engelhorn, Simone Waerntges, Arnd Doerfler, Joachim Hornegger, Georg Michelson
2. Real Time Colour Based Player Tracking in Indoor Sports
Catarina B. Santiago, Armando