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Li, Gang - Differential Privacy and Applications, ebook

Differential Privacy and Applications

Li, Gang


Correlated Differential Privacy for Non-IID Datasets
Tianqing Zhu, Gang Li, Wanlei Zhou, Philip S. Yu
15. Future Directions and Conclusion
Tianqing Zhu, Gang Li, Wanlei Zhou, Philip S. Yu

Trepte, Sabine - Privacy Online, ebook

Privacy Online

Trepte, Sabine


Negotiating Privacy Concerns and Social Capital Needs in a Social Media Environment
Nicole B. Ellison, Jessica Vitak, Charles Steinfield, Rebecca Gray, Cliff Lampe
4. Digital Crowding: Privacy, Self-Disclosure, and Technology

Buchmann, Johannes - Internet Privacy, ebook

Internet Privacy

Buchmann, Johannes


Un/Faire Informationspraktiken: Internet Privacy aus Sozialwissenschaftlicher Perspektive
Carsten Ochs, Martina Löw
2. It and Privacy from an Ethical Perspective Digital Whoness: Identity, Privacy

Raicu, Daniela Stan - Privacy and Technologies of Identity, ebook

Privacy and Technologies of Identity

Raicu, Daniela Stan


Social Norms, Self Control, and Privacy in the Online World
Katherine J. Strandburg
II.Privacy Implications of RFID and Location Tracking
4. Rfid Privacy
Ari Juels
5. Geolocation and Locational Privacy
Mark Monmonier
6. Privacy Inalienability

Campisi, Patrizio - Security and Privacy in Biometrics, ebook

Security and Privacy in Biometrics

Campisi, Patrizio


Security and Privacy in Biometrics: Towards a Holistic Approach
Patrizio Campisi
2. Design Aspects of Secure Biometric Systems and Biometrics in the Encrypted Domain
Claus Vielhauer, Jana Dittmann, Stefan Katzenbeisser
3. Beyond PKI: The Biocryptographic

Guerrier, Claudine - Security and Privacy in the Digital Era, ebook

Security and Privacy in the Digital Era

Guerrier, Claudine


It will follow a diachronic path from the relative balance between philosophy and human rights, very dear to Western civilization (at the end of the 20th Century), to the current situation, where there seems to be less freedom in terms of security to the point that some scholars have wondered whether

Moore, Tyler - Economics of Information Security and Privacy, ebook

Economics of Information Security and Privacy

Moore, Tyler


The Privacy Jungle:On the Market for Data Protection in Social Networks
Joseph Bonneau, Sören Preibusch
9. The Policy Maker's Anguish: Regulating Personal Data Behavior Between Paradoxes and Dilemmas
Ramón Compañó, Wainer Lusoli
10. Valuating

Lin, Xiaodong - Vehicular Ad Hoc Network Security and Privacy, ebook

Vehicular Ad Hoc Network Security and Privacy

Lin, Xiaodong


This book is a complete, single information source of techniques for complex security and privacy issues in vehicular ad hoc networks Take a cooperative approach towards addressing the technology’s challenges of security and privacy issues Explores