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Stevens, Chris - Designing for the iPad: Building Applications that Sell, ebook

Designing for the iPad: Building Applications that Sell

Stevens, Chris


Written by a highly successful iPad software developer, this book teaches you how to think about the creation process differently when designing iPad apps and escorts you through the process of building applications that have the best chance for success. You'll learn

Uğur, Seçil - Wearing Embodied Emotions, ebook

Wearing Embodied Emotions

Uğur, Seçil


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Seçil Uğur
2. Human Body’s Extensions
Seçil Uğur
3. Emotion, Design and Technology
Seçil Uğur
4. A Design Practice on Emotional Embodiment Through Wearable Technology
Seçil Uğur
5. Prototyping and Testing
Seçil Uğur
6. Conclusion

Connell, Ellery - 3D for Graphic Designers, ebook

3D for Graphic Designers

Connell, Ellery


Helping graphic designers expand their 2D skills into the 3D space
The trend in graphic design is towards 3D, with the demand for motion graphics, animation, photorealism, and interactivity rapidly increasing. And with the meteoric rise of iPads, smartphones, and other interactive devices,