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Cai, Yunpeng - Health Informatics Data Analysis, ebook

Health Informatics Data Analysis

Cai, Yunpeng


Biomedical Imaging Informatics for Diagnostic Imaging Marker Selection
Sonal Kothari Phan, Ryan Hoffman, May D. Wang
9. ECG Annotation and Diagnosis Classification Techniques
Yan Yan, Xingbin Qin, Lei Wang
10. EEG Visualization and Analysis Techniques

Braunstein, Mark L. - Health Informatics in the Cloud, ebook

Health Informatics in the Cloud

Braunstein, Mark L.


Table of contents
1. Healthcare Delivery in the US
Mark L. Braunstein, Mark L. Braunstein
2. Federal Policies and Initiatives
Mark L. Braunstein, Mark L. Braunstein
3. Contemporary Informatics Tools
Mark L. Braunstein, Mark L. Braunstein
4. Clinical Practice
Mark L. Braunstein, Mark L. Braunstein

Schouten, Ben - Games for Health, ebook

Games for Health

Schouten, Ben


Table of contents
1. A Serious Game to Inform about HIV Prevention: HInVaders, a Case Study
Stefania Artioli, Riccardo Berta, Alessandro Gloria, Andrea Pomicino, Nicola Secco
2. From KinectTM to anatomically-correct motion modelling: Preliminary results for human application.
Bonnechère B., Sholukha V., Moiseev

Kumar, Santosh - Mobile Health, ebook

Mobile Health

Kumar, Santosh


StudentLife: Using Smartphones to Assess Mental Health and Academic Performance of College Students
Rui Wang, Fanglin Chen, Zhenyu Chen, Tianxing Li, Gabriella Harari, Stefanie Tignor, Xia Zhou, Dror Ben-Zeev, Andrew T. Campbell
3. Circadian Computing: Sensing,

Fang, Hua - Wireless Health, ebook

Wireless Health

Fang, Hua


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Honggang Wang, Md Shaad Mahmud, Hua Fang, Chonggang Wang
2. Wireless Health Systems
Honggang Wang, Md Shaad Mahmud, Hua Fang, Chonggang Wang
3. Architecture
Honggang Wang, Md Shaad Mahmud, Hua Fang, Chonggang Wang
4. Applications
Honggang Wang, Md Shaad Mahmud,

Couronné, Robert - Erfassung der Pulswelle am Unterarm, ebook

Erfassung der Pulswelle am Unterarm

Couronné, Robert


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Robert Couronné
2. Stand der Wissenschaft und Technik
Robert Couronné
3. Eigener Beitrag - Idee und Realisierung
Robert Couronné
4. Optisch-transmissives, plethysmografisches Sensorsystem

Freeman, Shannon - Mobile e-Health, ebook

Mobile e-Health

Freeman, Shannon


On the Need for Developmental Perspectives in Research on the Potential Positive and Negative Health Effects of Digital Games
Adrienne Holz Ivory, James D. Ivory
10. Open Issues in Designing Home Care Technologies
Angela Fiore, Francesco Ceschel