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Baumard, Philippe - Cybersecurity in France, ebook

Cybersecurity in France

Baumard, Philippe


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Philippe Baumard
2. A Brief History of Hacking and Cyberdefense
Philippe Baumard
3. The Determinants of a National Cyber-Strategy
Philippe Baumard
4. National Cyber-Doctrines: Forthcoming Strategic…

Tufféry, Stéphane - Data Mining and Statistics for Decision Making, ebook

Data Mining and Statistics for Decision Making

Tufféry, Stéphane

From 80,20€

Data mining is the process of automatically searching large volumes of data for models and patterns using computational techniques from statistics, machine learning and information theory; it is the ideal tool for such an extraction of knowledge. Data…

Abba, Gabriel - Bipedal Robots: Modeling, Design and Walking Synthesis, ebook

Bipedal Robots: Modeling, Design and Walking Synthesis

Abba, Gabriel

From 185,25€

This book presents various techniques to carry out the gait modeling, the gait patterns synthesis, and the control of biped robots. Some general information on the human walking, a presentation of the current experimental biped robots, and the application…

Rinaudo, Jean-Luc - Telepresence in Training, ebook

Telepresence in Training

Rinaudo, Jean-Luc


They constitute opportunities to reform arguments and give rise to important questions: how should we think about the hierarchy of presence and absence in these techniques in order to make possible “the presence of the absent”? What is the effect on mediation processes? On the perception of the body

Lebraty, Jean-Fabrice - Crowdsourcing: One Step Beyond, ebook

Crowdsourcing: One Step Beyond

Lebraty, Jean-Fabrice


About the Authors
Jean-Fabrice Lebraty is Professor of management sciences at IAE (Business School) at Jean Moulin – Lyon 3 University in France and a member of the research laboratory Magellan EA3713. He specializes in the management of information and communication

Bakhouya, Mohamed - Geopositioning and Mobility, ebook

Geopositioning and Mobility

Bakhouya, Mohamed

From 94,95€

About the Authors
Ahmed Nait-Sidi-Moh is Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering at the University of Picardie Jules Verne, St Quentin, France. His research interests include modeling, analysis of discrete event systems, performance