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Lu, Dongming - Digital Preservation for Heritages, ebook

Digital Preservation for Heritages

Lu, Dongming


The Basis of Digital Technologies for Cultural Heritage Preservation
3. Digitalization of Cultural Heritage
4. Archaeological Research Aiding Technologies
5. Digitally Aided Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritages

Ch'ng, Eugene - Visual Heritage in the Digital Age, ebook

Visual Heritage in the Digital Age

Ch'ng, Eugene


Seeing Things: Heritage Computing, Visualisation and the Arts and Humanities
Eugene Ch′ng, Vincent L. Gaffney
Part I. The Material World
2. More Than Just a Sum of the Points: Re-Thinking the Value of Laser Scanning Data
Henry Chapman, Eamonn Baldwin,

Unschuld, Paul U. - Chinas Trauma – Chinas Stärke, ebook

Chinas Trauma – Chinas Stärke

Unschuld, Paul U.


Table of contents
Teil I. China – Zhongguo – Reich im Zentrum der Welt
1. Ein ferner König erbittet Einlass und wird abgewiesen
Paul U. Unschuld
2. Ein ferner Papst verweigert Integration und wird ausgewiesen
Paul U. Unschuld

Calvi, Licia - Museum Experience Design, ebook

Museum Experience Design

Calvi, Licia


The Value of User-Centric Crowdsourcing for Cultural Heritage: Fostering Emotional Engagement with Integrity
Tom Wrigglesworth, Leon A. Watts
9. One Museum, Multiple Doors—Design for Experience of Living Cultural

Stockinger, Peter - Digital Audiovisual Archives, ebook

Digital Audiovisual Archives

Stockinger, Peter


This book presents a series of concrete examples of creative uses of digital audiovisual corpora for education, research and cultural heritage preservation and valorization.