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Cook, David - Intermediate Robot Building, ebook

Intermediate Robot Building

Cook, David


Table of contents
1. Assembling a Modular Robot
2. Comparing Two Types of Homemade Motor Couplers and Common Errors to Avoid
3. Making a Fixture and Drilling Solid Rods for a Coupler
4. Finishing the Solid-Rod Motor Coupler
5. Building a Motor Inside a Wheel
6. Understanding the Standards and Setup for Electronic

Monekosso, Dorothy - Intelligent Environments, ebook

Intelligent Environments

Monekosso, Dorothy


Table of contents
2. Intelligent Environments: Methods, Algorithms and Applications
3. A Pervasive Sensor System for Evidence-Based Nursing Care Support
4. Anomalous Behavior Detection: Supporting Independent Living
5. Sequential PatternMining for Cooking-Support Robot
6. Robotic, Sensory and Problem-Solving Ingredients

Partridge, Derek - The Seductive Computer, ebook

The Seductive Computer

Partridge, Derek


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Derek Partridge
2. The Happy Hacker, Love at First Byte
Derek Partridge
3. The Reluctant Programmer
Derek Partridge
4. Cooking Up Programs
Derek Partridge
5. Recipes for What?
Derek Partridge
6. Programs: The Good, the Bad, and the Verified

Senyei, Kelly - Food Blogging For Dummies, ebook

Food Blogging For Dummies

Senyei, Kelly


Bloggers and foodies everywhere will want this full-color book
The only thing better than cooking and eating is talking about it! Combine your two loves—food and blogging—with this ultimate guide for food bloggers everywhere. Food Blogging For Dummies shows you how to join