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Papadopoulos, George Angelos - Information Systems Development, ebook

Information Systems Development

Papadopoulos, George Angelos


Improving Knowledge Management in the Health Service: Re-Engineering Approach Towards Successful Implementation
Regina Gyampoh-Vidogah, Robert Moreton
5. Accounting, Charging and Billing for Dynamic Service Composition Chains
F.J. Rumph, G.H. Kruithof,

Suh, Sang C. - Applied Cyber-Physical Systems, ebook

Applied Cyber-Physical Systems

Suh, Sang C.


Cyber-Physical Systems and STEM Development: NASA Digital Astronaut Project
U. John Tanik, Selay Arkun-Kocadere
5. Radically Simplifying Cyber Security
Dan Kruger, John N. Carbone
6. Cyber-Physical System Architectures for Dynamic, Real-Time “Need-to-Know”

Dubois, Emmanuel - The Engineering of Mixed Reality Systems, ebook

The Engineering of Mixed Reality Systems

Dubois, Emmanuel


A Holistic Approach to Design and Evaluation of Mixed Reality Systems
Susanna Nilsson, Björn Johansson, Arne Jönsson
4. Embedded Mixed Reality Environments
Holger Schnädelbach, Areti Galani, Martin Flintham
5. The Semantic Environment: Heuristics

Latifi, Shahram - Information Technology - New Generations, ebook

Information Technology - New Generations

Latifi, Shahram


When Asteroids Attack the Moon: Design and Implementation of an STK-Based Satellite Communication Simulation for the NASA-Led Simulation Exploration Experience
Bingyang Wei, Amy Knowles, Chris Silva, Christine Mounce, Anthony Enem
11. Wireless Body Sensor Network

Babin, Gilbert - E-Technologies: Innovation in an Open World, ebook

E-Technologies: Innovation in an Open World

Babin, Gilbert


Using Instant Messaging Systems as a Platform for Electronic Voting
Anastasia Meletiadou, Rüdiger Grimm
3. A Multi-criteria Collaborative Filtering Approach for Research Paper Recommendation in Papyres
Amine Naak, Hicham Hage, Esma Aïmeur
4. An Ontological

Weerasinghe, Dasun - Electronic Healthcare, ebook

Electronic Healthcare

Weerasinghe, Dasun


An Evaluation Framework for EU Research and Development e-Health Projects’ Systems
Androklis Mavridis, Stamatia-Ann Katriou, Adamantios Koumpis
3. Health@Home – An e-Service Model for Disease Prevention and Healthcare in the Home
Milon Gupta, Laure