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Al-Aomar, Raid - Process Simulation Using WITNESS, ebook

Process Simulation Using WITNESS

Al-Aomar, Raid


Teaches basic and advanced modeling and simulation techniques to both undergraduate and postgraduate students and serves as a practical guide and manual for professionals learning how to build simulation models using WITNESS, a free-standing software

Tuma, Tadej - Circuit Simulation with SPICE OPUS, ebook

Circuit Simulation with SPICE OPUS

Tuma, Tadej


Table of contents
2. Introduction to circuit simulation
Tadej Tuma, Árpád Bűrmen
3. Short tutorial
Tadej Tuma, Árpád Bűrmen
4. Input file syntax
Tadej Tuma, Árpád Bűrmen
5. Analyzing the circuit
Tadej Tuma, Árpád…

Viamontes, George F. - Quantum Circuit Simulation, ebook

Quantum Circuit Simulation

Viamontes, George F.


State-Vector Simulation with Decision Diagrams
8. Density-Matrix Simulation with QuIDDs
9. Checking Equivalence of States and Circuits
10. Improving QuIDD-based Simulation
11. Closing Remarks

Guasch, Antoni - Robust Modelling and Simulation, ebook

Robust Modelling and Simulation

Guasch, Antoni


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Digital Simulation
Idalia Flores La Mota, Antoni Guasch, Miquel Angel Piera
2. Elements of Statistics for Simulation
Idalia Flores La Mota, Antoni Guasch
3. Modeling Discrete Event Systems Using Petri Nets
M. Narciso, M. A. Piera
4. The Coupling of Coloured Petri

Litvinchev, Igor - Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization, ebook

Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization

Litvinchev, Igor


Table of contents
1. Texture Synthesis and Design Based on Element Distribution Creation
Yan Gui, Yang Liu, Feng Li
2. Selective Encryption Using Natural Language Processing for Text Data in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Ajay Kushwaha, Hari Ram…