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Hodulak, Martin - Global Corporate Workplaces, ebook

Global Corporate Workplaces

Hodulak, Martin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Martin Hodulak
2. Workplace Analysis Framework
Martin Hodulak
3. Local Workplaces
Martin Hodulak
4. Corporate Workplaces
Martin Hodulak
5. Local and Global Similarities and Differences
Martin Hodulak
6. Major Findings, Implementation and Success Factors

Towey, Donald - Cost Management of Construction Projects, ebook

Cost Management of Construction Projects

Towey, Donald


Cost Management of Construction Projects focusses on the cost manager/quantity surveyor engaged by the project client, and discusses key elements that help drive project success including measurement (based on the New Rules of Measurement published by RICS), procurement,

Shimomura, Yoshiki - The Philosopher's Stone for Sustainability, ebook

The Philosopher's Stone for Sustainability

Shimomura, Yoshiki


Teamwork Assist System Proposal for Nursing-care Services Realizing Workplace Knowledge Sharing
T. Nishimura, T. Fukuhara, K. C. Yamada, M. Hamasaki, M. Nakajima, H. Miwa, Y. Motomura
28. Development and Changes in the Industrial Product Service Systems –

Chakrabarti, Amaresh - Research into Design for Communities, Volume 1, ebook

Research into Design for Communities, Volume 1

Chakrabarti, Amaresh


Implementation of Ergonomic Design Interventions to Improve Workplace Amenities for Assam Policewomen
Shilpi Bora, Abhirup Chatterjee, Sougata Karmakar, Debkumar Chakrabarti
20. Study on User-Interface Problem-Finding Based on Flow-Line Analysis