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Hodulak, Martin - Global Corporate Workplaces, ebook

Global Corporate Workplaces

Hodulak, Martin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Martin Hodulak
2. Workplace Analysis Framework
Martin Hodulak
3. Local Workplaces
Martin Hodulak
4. Corporate Workplaces
Martin Hodulak
5. Local and Global Similarities and Differences
Martin Hodulak
6. Major Findings, Implementation and Success Factors

UNKNOWN - Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety Management Systems, ebook

Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety Management Systems



This book discusses the fundamental skills, techniques, and tools of auditing, and the characteristics of a good process safety management system. A variety of approaches are given so the reader can select the best methodology for a given audit. This…

Alharbi, Mohammed A. - Handbook for the Architectural Manager, ebook

Handbook for the Architectural Manager

Alharbi, Mohammed A.


The essential resource for becoming more effective in the highly competitive architectural marketplace
Handbook for the Architectural Manager offers architects a comprehensive resource that brings together critical information on four interlinked…

Brown, Robert Kevin - Facility Management, ebook

Facility Management

Brown, Robert Kevin

From 146,55€

From the moment it was first published, Facility Management became the ultimate reference for facility and design professionals who want to create a productive workplace that corresponds to the short- and long-term goals of their corporation. This Second Edition provides complete, fully

Chiang, Mung - Smart Data Pricing, ebook

Smart Data Pricing

Chiang, Mung


The book carefully addresses technical issues and workplace policies, system development and integration, research proposals, and business assessments. With both academic and industrial expertise from a variety of fields, Pricing is a practical and inclusive economics