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Du, Wenjiang - Informatics and Management Science V, ebook

Informatics and Management Science V

Du, Wenjiang


Logistics Enterprise Warehouse Management System Optimization
Hengwei Wang
15. Activity-Based Costing Calculation Model of Milk-Run Inbound Logistics for Auto Parts
Bengang Gong, Wei Huang, Yunmiao Gui, Tinglong Zhang
16. Economic-Oriented Efficient

Du, Wenjiang - Informatics and Management Science III, ebook

Informatics and Management Science III

Du, Wenjiang


Implementation of Teaching Management System Based on the Web
Qiang Liu
39. Research on Ideological and Political Education Based Mobile Internet
Yu Zhang
40. Campus Safety Culture Construction Under the Network Environment
Xue Li
41. Analysis

Du, Wenjiang - Informatics and Management Science I, ebook

Informatics and Management Science I

Du, Wenjiang


Research on UIG Cooperation Management Mode for Complex Large-scale Innovative Projects
Xiaofeng Guo, Zhigong Wu
2. Research of Internal Temperature Distribution for Liver Tissues Under Laser Irradiation
Hanzhou Hao, Rugang Zhong, Yongxing Wang, Chenwu

Kim, Haenakon - Advances in Technology and Management, ebook

Advances in Technology and Management

Kim, Haenakon


Study on Innovation in Compensation Management in Modern Enterprise with Incentive Orientation
Fu Duanxiang
13. Theoretical and Empirical Analysis on Industry Conversion in Resource-Based Cities in China
Wang Chuanhong, Hu Ping, Xiong Ying, Liu Geng

Wang, Yinglin - Knowledge Engineering and Management, ebook

Knowledge Engineering and Management

Wang, Yinglin


Existence and Simulations of an Impulsive Appropriate Pest Management SI Model with Biological and Chemical Control
Yan Yan, Kaihua Wang, Zhanji Gui
9. Existence and Simulations of Periodic Solution of a Predator-Prey System with Holling-Type Response and

Zhang, Liangchi - Engineering Education and Management, ebook

Engineering Education and Management

Zhang, Liangchi


Model of Biding Evaluation Based on Algorithm of Adjusting Weight of Decision-Makers
Xin Yang, Mei Lu
10. The Training Program for Product Design Engineers of Automotive Industry in China
Yinghua Fu, Yiquan Zhao, Yue Li
11. A Multi-agent Economic Simulation

Zhu, Min - Business, Economics, Financial Sciences, and Management, ebook

Business, Economics, Financial Sciences, and Management

Zhu, Min


Health Economics and Management Framework Based on Chongqing Regional Health Information Platform
Ping Cheng
2. The Strategic Thinking of the Economic Transition in the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Taiwan Straits China
Pengyi Zhu
3. System